Award Winning Amateur Drama group

Based in Holyhead, Anglesey


We performed the play 'Thetis' during the end of May 2009, at the Boston Centre Stage, Holyhead.

The play was adapted by Allan Williams from a script written by Fred Lawless, who wrote it for the BBC to be performed as a radio play.

It recounts the immediate events that led up to the disaster of the sinking of the submarine, and subsequent tragic loss of 99 lives on board her.

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Pictures from the play.

These were taken Friday night (29/5/09). Also pictured is Derek Arnold (light blue shirt) - son of Leading Stoker, Walter Arnold, one of the 4 men who escaped from the stricken vessel. Mr. Arnold addressed the audience before the performance, giving a short introduction to the disaster, and took the opportunity to thank - on behalf of his father - the people of Holyhead for their support given to his father during and after the time of the disaster.